Ukina and Oak (Story 2)


Ukina’s paw tapped Feather shoulder. “Uh… Oak, SShe isn’t breathing!” Oak rushed to Feather and nuzzled her. Her eyes didn’t open. The two toms sat looking at her with tears in there eyes. Oak stood, “Loc’d, this was all because of Loc’d!” “You know he’s still out there, Oak?” Oak ran out of the under grown den. Ukina stayed with Feather, Oaks eyes filled with tears. He ran to the ice lake and saw Loc’d climbing out of the water. Oak sliced Loc’ds waist with his dagger like claws. Loc’d turned looking at Oak, and fell. Oak pounced on him pinning him. Oak shoved his claws in Loc’d chest. Blood rushed from his body. Loc’d layed there on the ice as Oak waked back to the den. Feather layed next to the dieing cat and smiled. Her claw sunk in his neck, “How does it feel Loc’d? How does it feel!” Feather growled. Feather stood and walked away from Loc’d and ran to the den. She saw her dead, lifeless body and nuzzled the toms. “I wish I was with her..” Oak said. Ukina sniffed, “Yeah..”  




Ukina and Oak (Story 1)

A long haired, light grey pelted cat walked toward the think ice covered river. As she walked on the ice and snow her paws grew frost bit, her head ached from the strong winds hitting her. She collapsed on the ice, making the ice crack. Two cats rushed toward her, thinking she had died. They rushed her to there under grown home. They layed her down on a soft patch of moss. Lehman she-chad was wearing a necklace with a feather on it, the two toms desided to caller her Feather. Feather suddenly opened her teal eyes and saw the toms. “Hello, you blacked out on a patch of ice. It was too harsh out there so we bring you in here. I’m Oak by the way,” the dark rusty short haired cat said. “Yeah, and I’m Ukina.”(You-ka-n) The grey long haired tom with dark grey socks said. “I’m a bit hungry cat I have some food?” Feather asked. The two toms rushed around for food, they were way to exited when Feather had come. Ukina rushed outside and caught a rabbit, and brought is to Feather. Foot steps pounded on the roof of there under grown home. Oak flinched, “I’ll be right back.” Oak walked outside. Oak brought the cat from outside in the home. “Hello I’m Loc’d, did you know you are a beautiful she?” (Lo-cid) Said the black and white, long haired tom. Feather licked her front paw, ignoring Loc’d.  Feather yawned. “Is it okay if I sleep here?” “Okcorse.” The toms said. Feather walked to one of there bedrooms and slept there.  In the middle of the night Loc’d entered her room. He carried feather to an ice covered river, his dagger lick claws hovered over her neck. He set her on the ice and stomped his foot, making the ice crack. Feather woke up. He sliced his claw on her neck, and pushed her in the chilling water. The river moved fast taking her under the ice. Blood rushed out from her neck. She yelped for help. Ukina went to go catch a few birds for breakfast. He saw Loc’d standing over Feather under the ice. Ukina rushed over and picked up Feather. Ukina growled at the Loc’d, “What are you doing?!” Ukina pushed Loc’d in the river. He drifted away with a smile. Ukina rushed Feather to his under grown home. Oak put leaves on her cut, stopping the bleeding. “T-t-thank you..” Feather whispered. “You need rest.” Oak said. Feather closed her eyes.Image

(Drew the picture myself)