Ukina and Oak (Story 3)

Feather watched Oak and Ukina, they can’t see or hear her. Feather just sat there watching them as they went on there business. It’s my fault, Feather thought. If I didn’t have to wonder threw the cold I wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t have sorrow. You wouldn’t have lost a friend. She grew extremely angry at herself. She walked out of the den and say Loc’d laying on the ice. Feather walked tord him. “Why?” She asked. Why did you have to kill me?” Loc’d sat up. “Your bad news my sweet, I was forced to get rid of you.” Feather dug her claws in the ice, making it crack. “Did someone send you!?” Feather hissed. Loc’d didn’t answer. Loc’d sighed. His paw slid down her face. “My sweet, you wouldn’t under stand.” Feather dug her claws in deeper making the ice break. “Don’t my angry my sweet, it wasn’t your fault.” Feather walked away. “Sweet, wait! Come back!” Loc’d rushed next to Feather. He stopped right in front of her. “What is it?” Feather asked. He reached his paw in front of her. “Come..” He said.



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